Glentoran Badges GSC

Glentoran Badges

Glentoran Badges GSC

This website started as just a collection of the Glentoran badges which I personally own. However after doing a series of articles for the Glentoran Gazette season 2011/12 entitled "Behind the Badge" I decided to include the colour images of the old supporters club badges that my research turned up.

Most aspects of Glentoran history have been covered, in books, in the Glentoran Gazette and on the web but to my knowledge this is the first time all of the known Glentoran badges have been grouped together in one place.

The limitations of the scanning process unfortunatly does not show the badges off to their best.

There is a vast difference in the quality of the old supporters club badges in hard enamel compared to the recent outbreak of matchday badges mostly made in soft enamel.

I apologise in advance for my humble attempt at a website but thought the subject matter popular enough to have a go especially given the rise in interest in the old badges in the last number of years as badges eagerly sought after by collectors suddenly became avaiable on a well known internet auction website.

There are probably a good number of Glentoran badges out there that I don't yet know about and if you have one which you don't see included here please upload a colour image of it and send it to me via the contact page.

I have included a  number of black and white images as I couldn't track down a colour image of some badges again if you can help please use the contact page especially with my "holy grail" the Sandy Row GSC badge.

I will try and regularly update the site as new badges become available.

If you run your mouse over some of the images especially the GSC badges you should be able to get a name for that badge which you may find helpful.

Any constructive criticism I welcome and I will try and get back to those who use the contact page as soon as possible.

Thanks for looking and I hope you find the site useful.